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un·teth·ered, un·teth·er·ing, un·teth·ers

  1. To unfasten the tether of or release from a tether.
  2. To disconnect: an opinion that was untethered to reality.
  3. To free from restraints: The experience untethered his imagination.

Whilst on witness protection, in 90s Bristol, John gets so bored, drunk and mad in the life handed to him, he creates an identity more interesting; re-inventing himself as a Private Investigator.

With his first case handed to him on a plate from a neighbour to find the original femme fatale, Cherry, he needs to draw on the darkest recesses of his past to survive the present and question what it is to have an identity in the first place. Using every piece of what he can from what he is, was and will be - to find Cherry and him end up the one ‘on top’. 

Touring the clubs, pubs, offices and rainy streets of Bristol in the late nineties; over the Bridge into to Wales and back again to find her, himself and a motive.


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